Daily Telegraph Front Cover - 2pm edition 15-Dec-2014

While Australia was gripped with terror during the Lindt Coffee Shop siege, Murdoch's Daily Telegraph took four and a quarter hours to capitalise on the horror and fabricate hate and lies.

The front cover of a special 2pm edition screamed the message "DEATH CULT CBD ATTACK" and claimed "IS takes 13 hostages in city cafe siege"

By 2pm, as Lowy Institute military fellow James Brown pointed out on Australia's ABC, "All we know for sure at the moment is that a crime is being committed and someone involved wants to suggest an Islamic association."

We were aware that the hostages in the photo were holding up a Shahada flag, which represents a general expression of faith in Islam, and not the IS flag as was initially reported.

The number of hostages was not known publicly until after the siege ended with police storming the shop at 2am.  There was 17 hostages, and two died protecting others.

The gunman turned out to be serial poly-faith pest/menace, Man Haron Monis, who was known to both police and the media.  He was never embraced by the Muslim community and his faith swapping can be seen as recently as earlier this month when he posted onto his website "I used to be a Rafidi, but not any more. Now I am a Muslim, Alhamdu Lillah".

Rupert Murdoch's insensitive tweet sets off a landslide of hate
Rupert Murdoch's insensitive tweet sets off a landslide of hate

Absence of facts didn't deter Murdoch or his empire and, after a day that could easily go down as the worst ever for Australian journalism, Rupert tweeted the following morning "AUST gets wake-call with Sydney terror. Only Daily Telegraph caught the bloody outcome at 2.00 am. Congrats.
Browsing through the replies I can see mainly hate and condemnation for his insensitive, parasitic message.  Despite what the media is telling us, these rich old white men are losing their power and being rejected openly.

Then spontaneously, in defiance the Murdoch led fear mongering spreading across the media, normal people began tweeting the #illridewithyou hashtag.  People across Sydney, then Australia, then the world posted tweets offering to sit and travel with Muslims in traditional outfits to protect them from racist attacks. 

Locations of #illridewithyou tweets
Map of locations the #illridewithyou hashtag has been tweeted from.


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