Never ones to shy away from the places real journalists would never go, Murdoch's The Australian and their "reporter" Christian Kerr have again plumbed the depths of depravity and printed an exposé on Greens' Senator Larissa Waters's 5 year old daughter.


Apparently 5 year old girls wearing princess costumes with pink trim are now being considered newsworthy, fine to be Facebook stalked by adults and OK to print photos of in national newspapers.

Full story at: The Australian Ran A Photo Of Larissa Waters’ Young Daughter This Morning Because Journalism Or Something

Posted: 2 years 3 months ago by Murdoch Block Admin #76497
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Thank you my American friend, but in Australian public life, until your kids are sticking their own snouts in the trough, the attitude is to leave them out of the mud slinging.

Stalking a young child on Facebook is grubby journalism at best.
Posted: 2 years 4 months ago by Joe #56755
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Ah, what a sodding piece of crap you are for being sore offended mate. They report on a Green (worthy in itself because they're crackers) Senator (they want to run government) hypocrite (nuf said) who has publicly stated her butthurt feelings about how gender-y things are bad, and proceeds to stifle her daughters budding transgenderism. Yes, that IS news, unless you consider two - faced, hypocritical pols beneath the threshold. Of course, if you are willing to allow that to be the norm, and NOT worthy of reporting, then maybe you NEED to block reality.
You wog.