Rupert Murdoch in the News

What are the non-Murdoch press saying about Rupert and his family?

Source, as yet unknown, but being reported everywhere, Rupert Murdoch is apparently about to announce his retirement from his position as CEO of 21st Century Fox and make way for son James.

At this stage, it's not known when the change will officially take place, but James Murdoch is expected to take over the role in some sort of partnership with his brother Lachlan.

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Daily Telegraph Cover - 2pm edition 15-Dec-2014

While Australia was gripped with terror during the Lindt Coffee Shop siege, Murdoch's Daily Telegraph took four and a quarter hours to capitalise on the horror and fabricate hate and lies.

Fox News host Andrea Tantaros

Fox News has trumped its satirists and told viewers the report of the Senate Intelligence Committee's study of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Detention and Interrogation program (nicknamed the torture report) should be ignored because "The United States of America is awesome".

Greens Senator Larissa Waters

Never ones to shy away from the places real journalists would never go, Murdoch's The Australian and their "reporter" Christian Kerr have again plumbed the depths of depravity and printed an exposé on Greens' Senator Larissa Waters's 5 year old daughter.

An idea that's been gaining traction over the last week, rather than fading away, is that it was Rupert Murdoch's influence that decided the Australian Broadcasting Corporation would face cuts of $254 million.

Mark Latham

The broken culture of News Corporation

By Mark Latham

Mark Latham tells a damning story of literal stalking and muckraking, back in the day, from Murdoch's current media editor at The Australian.

British Sky has acquired Sky Italia and secured a controlling stake in Sky Deutchland to become what it calls "Europe's largest entertainment company."

"We have always believed that a combination of the European Skys would create enormous benefits for the combined business and for our shareholders," said James Murdoch.

The new company has a customer base of 20 million across the UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany and Austria.

Palmer United party leader Clive Palmer has a fiery exchange with a journalist he describes as 'Rupert Murdoch in disguise'. Palmer gets angry when asked about the inquiry into the Queensland government and the PUP's membership, accusing the media mogul of meddling in Australian politics. 'Rupert Murdoch instructed people in January 1975 in News Limited to kill Gough Whitlam as prime minister,' he says, and later labels the Australian press a disgrace.

Fresh on the back of News of the World's 8 month phone hacking trial, Scotland Yard detectives have officially informed Rupert Murdoch that they want to interview him "under caution" as a suspect in their inquiry into allegations of crime at his British newspapers.

Already facing a multitude of threats in the English criminal and civil courts, Murdoch and his son, James, may ultimately both be prosecuted personally under a law that makes directors liable for prosecution if their company breaks the law as a result of their consent, connivance or neglect.